2016_dan_kleinDAN KLEIN is an improviser. Other than two months as a lifeguard at the YMCA, every job he has ever had come from improvisational theater. As a Lecturer in Theater and Performance Studies and a Lecturer of Management at the Stanford GSB, Dan spends his time sharing, coaching, facilitating and playing games.

When Dan was an undergrad at Stanford, he took a class in improvisational theater from Patricia Ryan Madson. He slowly learned to shoot for average, fail cheerfully, pretend you are an expert, make your partner look good, serve the narrative, and to really, really be there. Now he gets to teach that same class!

Along with teaching Beginning and Advanced Improvisation, Dan has helped form the Stanford Improvisers, the Robber Barons (original sketch comedy) and the Flying Treehouse (children’s theater) student groups on campus.

At the GSB, Dan teaches Generative Leadership STRGM 259 and co- teaches Acting With Power OB333 with Deb Gruenfeld. At the d.school, Dan teaches Improv & Design, ReDesigning Theater, and Game Design: Making Fun.

When not in the classroom, Dan is either on the road teaching leadership communication with Stand & Deliver, or helping look after Rinconada, the all-freshman dorm where he and his wife are Resident Fellows.

Dan’s mission is to spread the Improviser’s Mindset around the entire world. Yes, let’s!