Trish TillmanTRISH TILLMAN is a working actor, improviser and theater arts teacher, as well as an arts educator, having just finished a five-year position as Director of Artistic Learning at California Shakespeare Theater.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Performance and Teaching Theater from Antioch University and a B.S. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University. She’s created theater arts training programs for classroom teachers and MFA students in San Francisco at American Conservatory Theater, Cal Shakes, Marin Theater Company, and Word for Word among many others.

Specializing in Shakespeare, she’s brought his plays to literally thousands of children through artist residency classes in underserved communities.  She has taught theater to students with intellectual and physical disabilities, senior citizens, second graders, and almost every demographic in between. In addition she’s founded two improvisational theater companies in San Francisco, and is currently on staff and in the ensemble of Un-Scripted Theater.

Her core belief is that the arts are essential to a better, more tolerant, joyful world because they reach the most authentic and human part of each of us.

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