Speaker, author, consultant, and facilitator David Cutler is known for leading immersive “innovation GAMEs.” These powerful, team-based experiences have empowered business, arts, and education communities from around the globe to solve creative challenges while becoming better collaborators. His full-color, illustrated book The GAME of Innovation (McGraw-Hill Professional; March 2022) guides readers to gamify the problem-solving process, step up their team, and play to win.

An award-winning, multi-genre composer, pianist, and Yamaha Master Educator, Cutler has performed extensively across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. His books The Savvy Musician and The Savvy Music Teacher, which provide tools for amplifying income, impact, and innovation, have shaped a generation of artists.

Dr. Cutler is a member of the Liberty Fellowship and Aspen Global Leadership Network, associations aimed at building a more just society. He is a Distinguished Professor at University of South Carolina, where he teaches innovation and entrepreneurship and led a university-wide effort called USCreativity.

“If 1,000 people consider a particular challenge, and 999 spot roadblocks, I aspire to be the one who sees things differently.”