Dr. Ramon Resa was raised in the tiny community of Goshen, California near Fresno, by his grandparents, as one of 15 children.  His world was one of poverty, neglect, abuse, and total disregard for education.  As a child, he struggled with low self-esteem, a speech impediment, recurring depression and prejudice.

Dr. Resa credits his grade school teachers with opening his eyes to the idea of going to college and becoming a doctor.

Through Dr. Resa’s public appearances, his keynote speeches, his blogs, and his book, Dr. Resa has educated and inspired parents, students, educators, medical professionals, and business groups across the country to keep hopes and dreams alive, even when there is no visible evidence that our dreams can come true.

Upon completing his medical education, Dr. Resa returned to the San Joaquin Valley to open his pediatric practice in Porterville, CA, where he has spent 3 decades working with poor and underserved children, like the child he was.

He presented to our local students during the Student Ideas Festival.