Scott Doorley is the Creative Director at the Stanford He is a prolific creator and fervent collaborator. Since landing at the he has co-authored the book Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration (Wiley, 2012), co-designed the’s physical space and similar spaces for corporations, startups, & governments, co-founded the K-12 Lab, co-lead the Stanford 2025 initiative on the future of education, co-invented and co-taught myriad classes at the intersection of storytelling and design, and co-runs Stanford’s Undergraduate Design House.

Scott has shot Television for 20th Century Fox (now Disney) and CBS and his art and design work has been displayed at the San Jose Museum of Art, the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts, the Design Museums in London & Helsinki and Australia’s Semi-Permanent festival.

He also co-parents two daughters, and can’t help but mention he was recently ranked the 90th coolest Dad in America (though just what criteria earns such a ranking remains unknown).