Trish Tillman has 30 years of experience as a theater arts teacher, actor, director and improviser.

In addition to five years as the director of the Artistic Learning Department at California Shakespeare Theater, she has led highly successful and engaging sessions in board retreats and inter-departmental planning meetings on how to effectively communicate the mission and passion of a company.

A graduate of Northwestern University in Performance Studies, Trish studied the psychological and cultural aspects of performance in society. She later studied in New York with the renowned film director Mike Nichols and the founder of Chicago’s famous Second City, Paul Sills in earning a Masters in Dramatic Performance and Teaching Theater from Antioch University/New Actors Workshop. Trish’s experience with a variety of personalities and abilities is based on years of coaching communication skills with classroom teachers, MFA students, elder care workers, senior citizens and disabled young adults. She ignites a performer’s abilities and confidence by finding the riches in complex texts and linking them to moments of spontaneous, personal discovery.

At the 2019 Student Ideas Festival, she performed, along with 20 students, Romeo and Juliet in 30 seconds in front of over 1,100 public school students and received a standing ovation.